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Iranian Damask rose, known in Iran as Mohammadi flower. Mohammadi rose is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa and the Rosaceae family. it has beautiful flowers in a variety of colors, mostly red and pink. Iranians make rosewater from these fresh petals. Most species are native to Asia, and some species are native to Europe, North America, and Northwest Africa.

Iranian Damask rose with the scientific name of Rosa damascena is a deciduous shrub. iranians cultivate this flower for a long time. its consumable parts are the petals and the buds. This flower is a type of rose. In Isfahan and Kashan, natives take rosewater from them and some of them are distilled. also one can dehydrate these flowers and store them in bulk in order to export as wholesale.

Appearance characteristics of Mohammadi flower (Iranian Damask rose)

Iranian Damask rose has 7 leaves and rarely 9 toothed petals and its petals are light pink or white. The flowers are bright pink with 32 identical pink petals that begin to appear in the early morning. There are 5 sepals, at least three of which have large appendages at the edges.

Flowering time in Iran is from early May to early July. And in each area, the flowers take 20-30 days to open. The flowers last for a maximum of one day, after which the bright pink color of the petals turns white, and with a slight breeze, the petals fill and fall off.

Iranian Damask rose is grown in which regions of Iran?

Areas of Mohammadi flower (Iranian Damask rose) cultivation are mostly mountainous areas. appropriate climate for damask rose is arid and semi-arid climate with mild and dry summers and cold winters.

Currently, iranians cultivate Mohammadi flowers in 14 provinces of Iran. the most important of provinces are Kerman, Fars (Meymand), Isfahan (Kashan), And East Azerbaijan. natives widely produce Damask roses in these provinces. so in addition to preparing essential oils and roses, they also mainly sell or export them in the form of dried petals and buds. In other provinces, cultivation is more scattered.

How to obtain Mohammadi Rose essential oil and rose in Iran

Simultaneously with spring and the months of May and June, Mohammadi flowers perfume the surrounding environment with a pleasant aroma. At this time, various traditional and industrial rosewater-making workshops in different places, with distillation equipment, pick the flowers every morning, before the bud is fully open, and distill them in different pots with water vapor.

after dehydration, operators separate The resulting essential oil, which accumulates in the upper part of the fabric. they keep it away from light in closed jars. they supply essential oil in containers covered with felt. they use the remaining water from the distillation process as Rose Water for various uses. they obtain About 3 kg of essential oil from every 3000 kg.